The project was undertaken at Pensaar Design in Bengaluru, India.

My role was as a design researcher, was to aid and facilitate the coordination of a larger team in terms of the research design, creating prototypes and running experiments. This eventually led to co-creation and developing insights for the client.

<aside> 📅 - 2018/19


<aside> 🔖 **- Co-creation


The research project, commissioned by a global think-tank, looked to conduct exploratory research to understand the Indian context of financial data literacy. Primary research through short and long form interviews was conducted. This was followed by behavioural experimentation, to identify the unarticulated needs of the target audience.

Further details can be found on the companies website linked below:

INFLUENCING POLICY DESIGN - Pensaar Design: A Design Strategy & Innovation Consulting Firm

A report by the commissioning agency can be found here:

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